How to Submit Your Photos to an Editor

One of my many photos from the Missouri Botanical Garden.

I take a lot of my own photos for the nonfiction I write, especially the crafts and activities.  Although I’ve blogged about how I take the photos, I’ve never said anything about how I submit them.

At this point, all of my photos are submitted electronically.  This means that after taking the various photos, I download the images from my memory card into Photoshop.  Generally, the only manipulation I do is cropping and sizing.  I prefer not to crop but sometimes I just have to get rid of a big chunk of background, or, in the case of a craft, my nosy cat.  When I size photos, I pick the largest measurement and set it to the dimension my editor wants. accepts images no bigger than 420 (wide) by 680 pixels.  I then save the image as a jpg and attach it to the e-mail.
Because I use have a pesky anti-virus program, I attach no more than 5 images to any one e-mail.  The program insists on scanning attachments and my e-mail times out if there are too many attachments to scan.
Because I am most often photographing objects either in public places or my own home, I don’t need a photo release.
For more information about submitting hard copy photos, my friend Sue Ford has an article, “Selling Photos to Magazines,” on the RX for Writers site.