Inspirational Art

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has bought hook, line and sinker into the importance of connectibility.

Through their online museum, they have made high resolution images of 125,000 pieces publicly available.  Pin them on Pinterest.  Like them on Facebook.  Use them in any way that you want — the museum shows shots of images used on t-shirts and to paint cars.  Yes, they know you might use them on various products and they have given their ok.

I’m not swearing you won’t bump up against a fee if you tell them you want to sell their image, but for research you can create a studio free of charge.  I’ve started my own studio at least I think that’s what to call it.  That particular phrase is in Dutch.  So far, I’ve been researching castles.

Who knows?  Maybe I’ll find something awesome and inspirational for my YA.

Special thanks to Research Buzz who brought this feature of the Rijks Museum to my attention.