A freelancer has to be as flexible as a yoga master…

There are oh so many reasons that a freelancer needs to be flexible.  Here are 5 not in order of importance.

Deadlines will change.  Either someone won’t go out of town when you expected and now wants their project finished or someone will forget to tell you something.  Whatever the reason, deadlines are not carved in stone.  Expect changes in dates that are already on your calendar.

Be flexible.  Don’t over schedule yourself and move things up when you can.  Self created deadlines can be delayed for the sake a contract.

Projects will disappear.  Unfortunately, sometimes the plug gets pulled on a project.  Or it gets postponed.  This means that work you had counted on doing on X date isn’t available.  Of course this means that down the line somewhere the check will not be available.

Be flexible.  Sure, you’re probably in a panic.  Or mourning that lost income.  Move another project forward.   It doesn’t hurt to finish early.  Or you can get back to that project you had to postpone earlier.

A piece of writing just doesn’t come together.  You’ve got a story you have to tell, but somehow it doesn’t work.  You try to rewrite it but it still doesn’t work.

Be flexible.  Try a different point of view. Or maybe the form is all wrong and your picture book is really a magazine story.  Don’t get hung up on form.  Tell the story and then figure out what it is.

Flexibility.  You’ll be happy you’ve got it if you freelance for any time at all.