I’ll Start My Rewrite . . . Tomorrow or the Next Day

Am I ready to start my rewrite?

This past weekend, I went to a revision retreat led by Darcy Pattison.  You’d think that that means I would by jumping into my rewrite today, but I’m not.

One reason is that I have other things to get done.  I’m the 2013 Writing Mentor for Missouri SCBWI.  That means I have applications to read and a winner to select.  I’ve also got 22 activities and crafts to finish writing up, making and photographing for Education.com.

But that’s not all that ‘s between me and my rewrite.  As much as I love watching a project come together through multiple rewrites, actually getting started on a rewrite is hard.  Really hard.  Without an actual deadline, I can put if off for weeks.

In part, this is a good thing.  I don’t always process things quickly.  This means that whatever I need to do on a manuscript sometimes takes a while to jell.  If I try to do it too soon, I make things worse.  And if it seems too tough, I’ll pull the “gifted child” routine as described by Darcy.  Something about simply decided that anything too difficult simply isn’t necessary.  Instead, I’ll give myself some space to be at least a little bit objective.

So this week, I’ll be painting with black board paint, messing around with Mod Podge and pulling out my sewing machine.  By the end of the week, I’ll start planning out that rewrite, redoing some of the writing exercises that Darcy taught us this past weekend.  Next week?  If I get enough enough done on those exercises, there will be a rewrite in my near future.