New Treadmill Desk

For about a week now, I’ve been spending part of every work day using my new desk.  My husband built me a treadmill desk.  I say me, but I should say us because he gravitates towards it when he’s home.

I’m not sure how big a difference it is going to make in my productivity because I’m still getting the hang of things.  Those who know me well are familiar with just how klutzy I am.  I’m one of those people who can spontaneously tip over in the middle of a conversation.  So when I say I have to get the hang of things, that is exactly what I mean.  Right now, I use it when I read blogs.  Who knew I spent almost an hour a day reading blog posts?

At this point I can walk and read as well as walk and e-mail myself blog posts.  That said, sometimes my finger stutters and I e-mail it to myself twice.

One of the problems that I’ve been having is relaxing (not tensing up) while I’m on here.  I’ve managed to improve this situation by speeding up the treadmill.  I have a long stride and too slow a speed meant I was fighting my normal pace.  So in this case faster is better in spite of my klutzy self.

Since this picture was taken, we’ve added a fan and I’ve adjusted the keyboard height which I am still playing around with.  I also need to add a towel.  Nuf said.

For those who are curious, this is just a treadmill with a board clamped over the rails.  My husband installed a splitter upstairs on my computer.  That way I can run two monitors which show the same display.  So I just boot up the computer and go downstairs.   There’s a cable from the splitter that carries the signal into the basement ceiling — if anyone needs specifics on this, I’ll get my husband to respond.  The signal is picked up by a wireless keyboard.  This means that there is no actual computer for me to sweat on or spill my water on.  My husband has no illusions about my grace or dexterity.  The padding on the board is a section of pool noodle which he reasoned would have fewer skin irritants than anything else he could think to use.

Although at the moment I’m only walking and reading, I hope to one day soon try walking and actually writing.  Fingers crossed!