The Writer Magazine Purchased by Madavor Media

Recently I posted (What Fate the Writer Magazine?) about The Writer magazine going on hiatus after the October issue unless a buyer could be found.

Good news!   Madavor Media has purchased the 125-year-old magazine.  With this purchase, The Writer returns to its original home in Boston, MA.   As I write this, the guidelines on the web site still state that the magazine is not accepting submissions or queries at this time.  Fingers crossed that this will change one day soon!




‘The Writer’ Returns to Boston
After a dozen years with Kalmbach Publishing Co. in Waukesha, Wisc., The Writer magazine will return to Boston, where it has been acquired by Madavor Media. The 125-year-old magazine, one of the oldest continuously published magazines in the U.S., was originally founded in Boston by two Boston Globe reporters. Late last month Kalmbach announced that The Writer would go on hiatus after the October 2012 issue until a buyer could be found. more »