Inspiration — paper cutting by Lisa Rodden

You all won’t be surprised when I tell you — again — how inspirational I find various types of paper art.  But this time around it isn’t origami or other folded paper.  It is cut paper.

Lisa Rodden‘s work shows me how subtle something can be and still get across what she is portraying.  Cuts of a knife through white paper reveal the colored beneath and out swims a koi.  Or out flies a crane.

Take some time to check out her work.  As you browse, consider how you use the interplay between light and dark in your own work.  Does your hero have a dark side?  A flaw?  Is your antagonist all bad?  Or is there a bit of color coming through his dark exterior?

Trust your reader to understand the subtleties that play through your work.  Light and shadow and peaks of color can reveal a lot.

Special thanks to Ann Martin who originally blogged about Lisa Rodden on her own blog, All Things Paper.

So often, we don’t count on our reader to get what we are doing.  Instead of using theme and detail to strengthen our message, we state it baldly.  Of course, that’s also when we get rejected for preaching

— SueBE