Some of My Work Online

The UPS man did not show up when I was taking this photo. has posted another batch of my activities.  I’ll divide them up by type and tell you a bit about each.

Arts and Crafts

Menu Art” started out as a simple activity to help your child be more aware of what goes into planning a meal but morphed into a simple menu design.

DIY Luggage Tags” was one of the more challenging pieces to photograph but both my editor and I were happy with how it turned out.

Chalkboard Furniture” was another hard one to photograph because I don’t have a blank white wall bigger than the chair.  How to get the back to stand out?  Enter Jared.  Yes, the chair says “Rachel” but that’s not whose sitting in it and I have to give him credit because it was his idea.


Geometry Bulletin Board” required raiding someone’s room for the props.

Geometric Photo Collage” includes several different collages within the activity although I made only one for the photo.

Summer Bar Graph” was another difficult photo both because we had very little grass at the time thanks to the drought and there was just enough of a breeze to blow away the graph.


An “Apostrophe Poem” is a poem written to an inanimate object.

Back to School Poem” is a personification poem, written as if an object is doing the talking.  It sounded like a great idea until I had to come up with the poem.

Terse Verse”  Question:  What do you call a two word rhyming riddle?  Answer:  See project title.


Bending Light” is a two part experiment on refraction.

Spinning Color Wheel” is an experiment with light and color.

Social Studies

Map Your Route” involves wrapping the route from home to school.  We did mapping activities in Cub Scouts and I learned that kids really do need to work with maps before they understand them.

That’s it for now.  I just had my next batch of activities okay’ed by my editor so I’ll be writing, crafting and taking more photos.  Cue the UPS man who always shows up when I’m trying to get a tricky outdoor photo.