Book covers

Check out the awesome article, “Creating Book Covers that Sell,” that Deane Riddle did for WOW! Women on Writing’s DIY Self-Publishing issue.  I’ve always been fascinated by book covers.  I’ve even blogged about book cover design.  But what works and what doesn’t was still pretty much a mystery to me until I read Riddle’s article.

Now I wouldn’t say that I’m a genius where book covers are concerned, but I have some clue why I like what I like.  Take this cover as an example.

Title:  This one pretty much says it all.  A book about bullying called Cornered, but it goes beyond the strictly superficial.  The bullies are just as trapped as their victims with several stories told from the bully’s POV.  Also, the font is a little rough just like the topic.

Images:  A lot of people go for the boringly straight forward — they add nothing to the design because they are just so obvious.  But this cover doesn’t show a kid backed into a corner.  It shows something even more fragile, a butterfly, trapped in a jar and jars, strictly speaking, don’t even have corners.  Symbolic and ironic.  Awesome!

Promise:  Readers are going to have a good idea what to expect between the title and the design.  This is an edgy book that might take you some unexpected places.  Right on the mark.

This isn’t everything that Riddle covered in her article but give it a good read, especially if you are planning to design a cover of your own.  You will definitely come away from the article with a better understanding of what covers resound with you and why.