Be Careful What You Read

Warning! Books warp minds.

Recently, I almost started laughing when I was reading a “how to be happy” list.  But then I realized they were serious.

“Don’t read romance novels.  They set up unrealistic expectations for your husband.”

Seriously?  Why are people always sure that reading will have a negative impact?  That said, this particular warning did prompt my son and I to make up our own list.

  • Do not read This Old House.  You’ll end up with clapboard envy.
  • Do not read mysteries.  Your electric bill will sky rocket.   (Think about it . . .)
  • Do not read fantasy.  Hours at a time will magically disappear.
  • Do not read children’s books.  You’ll think kids should act on their own.
  • Do not read Walden’s Pond/Harry Potter/the Book of Job.  If you do, you’ll always be able to tell when someone is talking about it without having read it.

Do you have any you’d like to add?