Photographing Craft Item

Not quite what I was expecting.

I just finished another batch of crafts and activities for  With each write up, I submit at least one photo.  Here are a few tips for taking your own photos of crafts and activities.

Lighting.  Natural sunlight works best simply because you don’t get glare and your colors will be more true.  But if you can’t get a good photo in natural light, use your flash.

Close-ups.  Many digital cameras have a close-up setting.  Look for the button with the flower on it.  If you are having problems focusing on a small item, give this setting a shot.

Background.  My editor prefers a light colored background but when you are trying to take a photo of something that is also light colored, it doesn’t always work.  Keep a piece of velvet or denim.

Innovate.  Recently, I had to take a photo of a chair back.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have a large enough white wall.  My son came up with the solution.  He wore a white shirt and sat in the chair.  Instant white background!

Grounded.  You may as well have a good sense of humor because at some point you’re going to need it.  Some photos can only be taken from ground level.  Believe me, the UPS man won’t even ask you what you’re doing when he finds you sprawled in the front yard photographing a garden marker.

Surprise!  Also remember that when you are peeking through your camera, you are easy prey.  I’ve been nudged by horses and had the cat snag my props.  Having an assistant around isn’t always a bad idea.

Don’t be intimidated when it comes to taking your own photos.  Just give yourself plenty of time and take lots and lots of shots from different angles, with different light and various distances.  You never know which one will be your favorite.