Save the Bookstores Day

Agent Kelly Sonnack has come up with a marvelous, stupendous, amazing idea.  We work together to save the whales and polar bears.  We’ve already managed to get bald eagles off the endangered list.
So why not Save the Bookstores?
This Saturday, June 16, is Save the Bookstores Day.  On that day, if books are special to you, we’d like to ask that you take the time to visit your local independent bookstore.
Swing on by, look through the stacks and take home a new friend.   Find out more on Save the Bookstores in this interview that author Tara Lazar did with Sonnack.
Not sure about indies in your area?  If you’re here in the St. Louis area, Main Street Books in  St. Charles in my favorite.   You can also plug your zip code into IndieBound’s Indie Store Finder and it will give you a list of the stores within a certain number of miles of your home.
Come on!  You want to go buy a new book.  You know you do.

3 thoughts on “Save the Bookstores Day

    1. Tara,
      I love to go my local indie and just browse. She always has books I haven’t heard about yet and I can tell her about a few that have escaped her notice. My son always finds an armful as well!

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