When a Piece Won’t Gel

Last week, I spent the better part of two work days trying to write a single blog post.  No, that doesn’t mean I was at it for 8 or 16 hours.  But I did draft it something like 6 times.  There are a variety of reasons that a piece won’t come together.

  • Poor planning.  I haven’t thought it through and don’t know what I want to say.
  • Avoiding backlash.  I have thought it through but don’t feel like listening to people gripe when they don’t like what I had to say.
  • Too fresh.  Whatever inspired the piece is too recent and I haven’t processed the emotions yet.
  • Rats’ nest.  The piece is far too complicated for an abbreviated format like a blog post.  I either need to simply, break it into multiple posts, or write it for a longer format.
  • Recharge needed.  Other times I’m just too tired physically and/or mentally and need to recharge.

When a piece won’t come together for me, I’m usually having one of the above problems.  What does it mean for you when  piece won’t come together?


2 thoughts on “When a Piece Won’t Gel

  1. Funny thing is, I’m having that problem today. I saw this movie this morning and I wanted to write a review on it, but after reading it the piece sounds choppy. I’m too stubborn to walk away, but I know I should. I think that is the best way to approach a moment that won’t gel – just walk a way.

  2. When something sounds choppy, sometimes I open a new file and rewrite it from scratch. I’m not sure why it works, but somehow it often does. You might want to give it a try.

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