More of my work online

For those of you who want to see some of what I’ve been working on, here are links to a batch of activities and crafts that I wrote up for

This isn’t the batch that I turned in just a few weeks ago.  That batch included several poetry projects.  My new editor wants more of these so I’ll be casting about for ideas as well as working posts up for One Writer’s Journey  as well.

Hope you all are working on something exciting!


2 thoughts on “More of my work online

  1. Went and looked at several of these. Very nice. Your blog posts and a few other things I’ve read lately make me think I need to give thought to doing a few things for children’s magazines.

    1. Strictly speaking, is written for parents, not kids. It sounds like a picky detail but it makes a difference in how you slant the work. But do look into magazines and ezines. They use a lot of material!

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