Character Voice

Lately, I’ve been working on multiple projects.  No really?  Anyone who knows me is not the least bit surprised.  Given my to-do list, working on a variety of things each day is a must.

That’s no problem when I’m working on nonfiction.  That’s because the voice in nonfiction is largely my own.  Whether I’m explaining to a group of writers how to get their debut novel into an editor’s hands or telling a parent how to take their children through a writing exercise, I write it the way I would tell them how to do it face-to-face.

But lately, in addition to my nonfiction, I’ve been working on two or three fiction projects at a time — a middle grade novel (magical realism), a young adult novel (fantasy) and a young adult short story (contemporary).  Each of the main characters has a distinct voice, which is a good thing.  But given how different each of these pieces is from the others, moving from one voice to another has been difficult.

Read about how I finally solved this problem on the Muffin.


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