More on book trailers

Just a quick note:  The image that shows below may make you wonder if I’ve lost my mind.  Seriously, the trailer is moody but not grim.  Why oh why it picked that image to park on is beyond me.

Does this trailer pass the test?  I’d say yes because I had my husband watching over my shoulder.

Part of the reason that this one works so well in my opinion is that it keeps you off balance.  First you half a family photo — father and preschool son.  But then you realize that ol’ Dad has a seriously dark side. He’s a serial killer and the narrator is his son.

Based on the narrative, I found myself making assumptions.

“He was really good at what he did.”

“He taught me everything he knew.”


The images are moody and somber but they pull you in.  Just how much does junior empathize with good ol’ dad?   But . . . come on . . . there’s the title . . .

This trailer did a lot of things right.  I tend to like stills better than film clips.  Everything — images, tone, font, colors, voice — worked together.

Does this give you any thoughts about a trailer for your own current project?  What tone would you need to convey to match your manuscript?  Is there something you could do to keep the reader off balance?  What kinds of images would you use?

Just a little something to consider.


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