Take Your Work Unexpected Places

How often do you manage to do something surprising with your work?  Or are your stories pretty predictable?

This is what I was thinking about after I saw some pictures of the orukami (Origami) created by Himanshu Agrawal.  Not only does his work encompass the amazing pieces that I think of us “normal” origami (a variety of small animals) but he does other work on a much larger scale.

Check out his work on his Flickr stream and you’ll see a Western-styled dragon made out of newspaper and an Eastern-styled dragon made out of the metallic foil used in cigarette packages.  Not only is the paper he uses sometimes a bit unusual but you’ll find some pieces here that are much larger than a human.

So, what can you do to make your own work larger than life?

Special thanks to Ann Martin of All Things Paper who first brought Himanshu Agrawal’s work to my attention.



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