The Best Settings Possible

How much thought do you put into the settings for your stories?

Most of us spend some time with the description, doing our best to help our readers feel like they are in our stories.  We add visual details, reveal what they would smell and hear, and, if we’re doing a bang up job, manage to work in how something feels and maybe even how something tastes.

But if we want our settings to be all that they can be, we need to do more.

Carefully crafted, our settings tell us about our character.  This goes beyond how our character’s decorate their bedrooms to include where you would set a scene when your character is beyond laid back or super uptight.  What does the actual location have to say about your character?

Settings can also help set the mood for a story.  If we think of this at all, we probably take the easy way out.  Spooky mood?  Cemetery or haunted house.   Aggression?  Boxing match.  Foot ball field.

But what if you wanted the mood to by spooky and the setting was a baby shower?  Or happy and the scene takes place at a funeral home?

Check out my post on the Muffin to see how you can use setting specific details to enhance your scene’s mood.


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