Libraries of the rich and famous

As I’ve been cleaning up in my office and contemplating a new arrangement for the family room, a lot of thought has gone into books and how to shelve them.

No surprise then that “Libraries of the Rich and Famous” on Book Riot caught my eye.  My personal favorites?

  • I love the well-used disorder of Keith Richard’s library although I’d need a real couch.
  • William Randolph Hearst’s library totally intrigues me but what I really want is to test out the acoustics — not me personally but my friend Tracy.

The ones that are wall to wall books and nothing else just don’t draw me in.  Sure, I have enough books to do that on a smaller scale but they don’t look as restful as the other arrangements.  Not as conducive to creativity.

Here’s one that didn’t make it — Thomas Jefferson (see the video below).  Obviously, he hadn’t glassed the shelves in but I’m wondering if the shelves were truly open on both sides.

I’ll have to put some photos up when I get things cleaned out in here and we get the new set up done in the family room.  Unfortunately, we are still debating how to get sufficient seating, a bit of over flow seating (bench/coffee table), and whether or not to move in a shelf from another room or build a new shelf.  So many book related decisions!



2 thoughts on “Libraries of the rich and famous

  1. There can never be too many books or too much coffee! 😀
    My dream house, growing up, had a ‘study’ with floor to ceiling books. I never got around to planning the rest. I guess the coffee pot was in a hidden cabnet in the study! 😉

    1. Debbie,
      When we were house hunting, we walked out of several houses because there was absolutely no where to put book shelves. I so understand! And, need I explain that we have more coffee pots (5) than televisions (2). Life is all about priorities.

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