Notch Up Your Publicity

What can you do to take your publicity ideas one step beyond?

That’s the kind of thinking that got a band called Dry the River some serious attention.  Instead of simply creating posters, they pulled together 3-D horse posters.  It took approximately 35 hours to create each horse but the 3-D clearly grabbed the public’s attention.

Writers often think book signing or blog tour.  How could you notch it up?  What would work in terms of your book?

Think about it.  You’ve written a picture book about pirates.  Instead of a book signing, you could host a pirate party.  Craft eye patches and personalize bandanas for the children to take home.

You’ve got a YA with a fashionable character who makes many of her own accessories.  Maybe you could have an event at a local bead shop.

A character whose an animal lover might inspire a food drive for the local shelter.

One who paints might lead to an event at a hobby store.

Take a few minutes to watch the video and see if you aren’t inspired to try something just a little bit different, something to really capture peoples’ attention.  The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.