Draw a Bird Day — Book Publicity 301

For those of you whose colleges numbered courses differently, the 300s were the senior level courses.

What does someone do for freshman level book publicity?  Perhaps a signing and book marks.

Sophomore level?  Add a web page for the book.

Junior level?   School visits.

Senior level?  They go beyond the book itself as well as going beyond the “usual” things that author’s do for publicity.  Not that there s anything wrong with the usual things — they can work very well.  But when you go beyond them, you find even greater opportunities to connect with your readers.

One thing that readers like are freebies.  To publicize her book, Wisdom the Midway Albatross written by Darcy Pattison, illustrator Kitty Harvill created  albatross coloring pages.  She has made them available for free (download here) as part of Draw a Bird Day (4/8).

So think about your book.  Is there a holiday that you can connect with?  An awareness month?  An anniversary date?  If so, get creative and think of related freebies that would catch the eye of a potential book buyer.

You may be amazed by what follows.



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