Saving the Economy, One Young Adult Novel at a Time

Yes, its a humorous video but check out this skit  on College Humor.  The topic?  How the young adult novel will save the US economy.  If you’re a writer, you will really love the novel writing kit as well as the group that is doing the cover design.

Humor aside, I love that the Hunger Games has been front page news.  Not only was there an article in my local paper, but it was also features online in Outdoor Life, a hunting/fishing magazine.

Maybe it is the fact that there are so many article out there, but some of the quotes just make me shake my head.  Where did they find this expert?  In one article, a librarian said something about hoping that, with the success of Hunger Games, publishers wouldn’t put out a stream of dystopian YA.  What book case has she been hiding behind?

Ah, well.

Admittedly, I’m not a huge fan of the dystopian novel and perhaps not everyone would classify these books as dystopian, but here are some YA novels I really enjoyed:

Cinder by Marissa Meyer.  Set in the future but with something of a steam punk vibe.

Epitaph Road by David Patneaude.   A future in which a virus has wiped out much of the male population.

Bones of Faerie by Janni Lee Simner.  Creepy fabulous.

The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson.   Just how far is too far to save someone you love?

Not all fun and upbeat but they all leave you with something to think about.   And, isn’t that one of the best things about a really good book?



5 thoughts on “Saving the Economy, One Young Adult Novel at a Time

  1. I follow and enjoy your blog regularly, and I’d say that even without your kind mention of Epitaph Road. But thanks! Nice to see the amazing success The Hunger Games has achieved. I don’t know how much of it will trickle down or ripple out or whatever to the rest of us dystopian authors, but it gives us something to shoot for. It’s a gem of imagination and writing. I even liked the movie. Stuff was missing, of course, but the mood and spirit and storytelling aspects were all there.

  2. We haven’t seen the Hunger Games movie yet — my son was on a school trip when it came out so we put it off until we can all go together. But I really do take the success of every young adult novel that makes such a huge impact to heart. Each time it happens makes the future success of the “next one up” seem that much more likely.

    And thank you for your kind comments re: the blog. Your book is always top on my list that I recommend to teens. It is truly one of my favorites.


  3. Loved that video! It’s really easy to write a YA book, anybody can do it. And now we won’t even have to worry about finding an agent and/or a publisher! Just send your ms to the White House, where they have plenty of time to take care of everything and save the economy with our books.

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