Goals at the Tail End of March

Where oh where did March go?  Oh, that’s right — in hot weather and thunder storms and even a bit of hail.  Bye, bye!

I didn’t get as much writing done last week as some of you might have hoped.  Its amazing how much noodling is involved in doing this job well, but it has paid off.  I’m not slogging.  I’m wanting to write.  Hurray!

So, how many words did I pull down?  7405.  Something over my 6000 word goal.  Being recharged makes a huge difference.

Here are my goals for the week.  As you can see, there is plenty to do.

Weekly Goals:

  • 5 posts for One Writer’s Journey.  Done!
  • 2 reviews on the Bookshelf.  Done!
  • 1 post for PrayPower.  Done!
  • Write my posts for the Church blog.  Done!

Goals with Deadlines (some are my deadlines, some are my editors’ deadlines):

  • Rewrite pitch for Education.com.  Deadline:  3/30.  Done!
  • Insert new goal here: rough draft of reluctant reader.  Deadline (sort of mine):  3/30.  In progress.
  • Blog post for the Muffin.  Deadline:  4/1.  (Publication date: 4/2)  Done!
  • Rewrite another CW piece with some recommendations from my editor. Deadline:  4/6.  In progress.
  • Blog post for the Muffin.  Deadline:  4/13.  (Publication date: 4/14)
  • Solicit interviews for the next CW article in my rotation.   Deadline: 4/15. In progress.
  • Solicit interview for the CW piece after that.  Deadline:  5/15.

Non-Deadline Goals:

  • Get a picture book back out.
  • Rewrite and submit a leveled reader.
  • Start researching my next nonfiction picture book.
  • Get an essay on writing back out.
  • Rewrite the picture book I had critiqued.
  • Do some more work on a PiBoIdMo idea.
  • Work on my agent research.
  • Rough submissions for Blue Mountain cards.
  • Keep working on my web site.
  • Work on the middle grade. Go over the Plot Whisperer notes that I originally made.  Also story board the manuscript.


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