Paper Art — Fanciful Sculptures

Here I am again with my paper art — no surprise there.  But take a look at this video and see if Patti Grazini doesn’t manage to surprise you with her work.  She doesn’t just use paper — she uses letters, money and even sheet music.  These specialty papers each somehow relate to the sculpture in which they are used.

What are the limits of your work?

If you write picture books or even young adult novels, your work will be limited in many ways by your readers — who they are, their developmental levels and what they love.

But Grazini’s sculptures made me wonder how often our work is limited by us, by our lack of imagination or vision.  Her pieces look so fanciful but the series depicted in this video are based on real criminals.

Watch Grazini’s interview.  Then why don’t you try creating something beyond your norm.  You might surprise yourself.

Special thanks to Ann Martin of the blog All Things Paper who brought Grazini to my attention.



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