Pinterest for Writers

Not long ago, a writing buddy extolled the virtues of Pinterest.  She told me about how she used it as a way to mark the images she was using for her novel research.  No more scrolling through lists of bookmarks.  No more picking through the site to refind the right image.  They were all there on one board.

For me, this didn’t quite pan out.  Here were the problems I encountered:

You have to request an invitation.  I’m not sure what the justification is for not letting people sign in and get started, but you have to request an invitation and then . . . wait.  I had a delay of 3 days.

Then when you read the fine print, you find that Pinterest only wants you to mark (they call it pin) images to which you own the copyright.  Let me see — you encourage me to mark images that interest me (because you also tell me not to use this just to promote myself), but by pinning images that I don’t own, I may be violating copyright.

To read more about my take on Pinterest, at least concerning how I wanted to use it, read my post on the Muffin blog.



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