Taking Your Own Photos

Yesterday I turned in 11 activities to one of my editors.  Along with the activities, I had to include photos.  Here are a few of the things that I’ve learned when taking my own photos.

  • Take pictures on a sunny day.  Natural sunlight doesn’t skew colors the way artificial light sometimes does.
  • If you have to take photos without natural sunlight, use a flash.  Otherwise your photos may appear too yellow.
  • Light colored backgrounds often work best.  I use an ivory wall in my living room, a light oak TV tray and my ivory living room carpet as backgrounds.
  • If you are taking pictures of food, have a helper on hand.  No, the food doesn’t tend to misbehave but pets do not listen when you tell them to stay out of the shot.
  • Take more photos than you think you will need.  This is the beauty of digital — you aren’t paying for the film.  Take a shot from a slight distance.  Then take a couple of closeups.  Take one with the flash just in case.
  • If you have to take a photo of something that can move (animals and children especially), plan on taking lots and lots of extras.  I had to take photos of horses for an article and was astonished when I got home by all of the truly bizarre pictures I had captured.  Funny but not salable.
  • I am by no means a professional photographer but these are some of the things that have worked for me.