Beautiful Bookstores

Bookstores.  You probably love them as much as I do.

But have you ever been in a store that makes your eyes open wide as you stand in one place, gazing up in wonder?  A store with a cathedral feel?

You need to check out this article on The 20 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the world.

All I can say is WOW.  Now I want to go to Holland and Portugal and Argentina. Not surprisingly, given my history geek status, I’m drawn to the stores in old churches and movie houses.  Gilt and woodwork and sparkle catch my eye.  But some of the modern stores are equally amazing.

I popped on over to YouTube and found a video of the store in Argentina, El Ateneo.  This store has only been in existence since 2000.  (Just a little niggling aside: why don’t they seem worries about Amazon and e-books? No answers, just wondering.)

Here is a video of Livraria Lello in Portugal.

Special thanks to Anna Alter on Blue Rose Girls who brought the above article to my attention.”

Do you know a bookstore that just takes your breath away?  If so, please share a link with the rest of us!



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