Goals for this Week of President’s Day

Everyone is home today so this is going to be fairly quick.  They have one Boy Scout project to do and then we’re going to have a quiet family day.  I’ll be back at work tomorrow.

Last week was busy — I accepted a new job and applied for another.  All of this means lots and lots of writing.  I managed 6477 word, just over my goal of 6000.  With all of that writing, I finished and submitted nothing.  That’s going to have to change this week since I have a deadline.

Weekly Goals:

  • 5 posts for One Writer’s Journey. Done!
  • 2 reviews on the Bookshelf.  Done!
  • 1 post for PrayPower.  Done!
  • Write my posts for the Church blog.  Done!

Goals with Deadlines:

  • Write and submit 11 activities for Education.com.  Deadline: 2/22.  I’ve written everything up and done the activities.  Next — photos!   Done!
  • Edit next Mo Scribbles newsletter.  Deadline:  2/24.  Done!
  • Rough and rewrite my next article for WOW.  Deadline:  2/27.  In progress.
  • Write my next Muffin post.  Deadline:  3/4.
  • Solicit interviews for my next CW article.  Deadline:  3/15.  In progress.
  • Write the interview questions for the 2nd CW article in my rotation.   Due: 4/15.

Non-Deadline Goals:

  • Rewrite the  YA chapter that I’m going to workshop at a retreat this spring.*  Done!
  • Rewrite and submit a leveled reader.*
  • Start researching my next nonfiction picture book.
  • Get an essay on writing back out.
  • Rewrite the picture book I had critiqued.
  • Do some more work on a PiBoIdMo idea.
  • Work on my agent research.
  • Rough submissions for Blue Mountain cards.
  • Keep working on my web site.
  • Work on the middle grade. Go over the Plot Whisperer notes that I originally made.  Also story board the manuscript.


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