Goals Post-Super Bowl and Keeping Your Blog Going when You Aren’t at Your Desk

Not my best week last week.  Of course, a big part of that involved bed rest.  Blah.  My son shared his virus.  I haven’t been sick like that in well over a year — the kind where you stay in bed because you have no choice.  Still, I did emerge on Wednesday and managed to get a little bit done — only 3808 words this week.  Well below my 6000 word goal.  Ah, well.

But I did manage to keep my blog going throughout the week.  How?  By using the Scheduling feature.  I had to start doing this for the Muffin and expanded it to my own personal goal.  When I write a post, instead of publishing it, I can schedule it to post at some date in the future.  Very, very useful.

I’ve got a lot almost done so I should be able to check some of my goals off in fairly short order this week.

Weekly Goals (these are my must-dos for the week):

  • 5 posts for One Writer’s Journey.  Done!
  • 1 review on the Bookshelf.  Done!
  • 1 post for PrayPower.  Done!
  • Write my posts for the Church blog.  Done!

Goals with Deadlines:

  • Pitch to WOW!  Deadline:  2/15  In progress.
  • Write my next Muffin post.  Deadline:  2/18.  In progress.
  • Write and submit 11 activities for Education.com.  Deadline: 2/22.
  • Rough my next article for WOW.  This will help me ping people with pertinent questions.  Deadline:  2/27.
  • Come up with interview questions and solicit interviews for my next CW article.  Deadline:  3/15.

Non-Deadline Goals:

  • *Pitch some ideas to a nonfiction editor.  Done!
  • *Finish the cookbook proposal and get it out.  Done!
  • Get an essay on writing back out.
  • Rewrite the picture book I had critiqued.
  • Do some more work on a PiBoIdMo idea.
  • Work on my agent research.
  • Rough submissions for Blue Mountain cards.
  • Keep working on my web site.
  • Work up some ideas for leveled readers.
  • Work on the middle grade. Go over the Plot Whisperer notes that I originally made.
  • Pull out the YA that I’m going to workshop at a retreat this spring.