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January 25, 2012

Creativity, Work-for-Hire and Book cut sculpture by Su Blackwell

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Su Blackwell is an amazing paper artist who creates a variety of 3-D sculptures, often out of second hand books.  Check out the portfolio on her site.   That’s what this post was going to focus on until I watched this video made by Crabtree and Evelyne.  The company approached Blackwell to do a job for them and also made this video.  It describes how she goes to first additions for inspiration only (she does not craft with first editions), the basic inspiration for a piece, how long it takes her to make a sculpture, and the actual process.

It is fairly easy to see the backbone that the book itself forms in Blackwell’s work, how she draws on something pre-existing and uses it as a platform for a new creation.

Does this make you think about your own work any differently?


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