Amazon in the News. Good or Bad?

When Amazon is in the news, panic ensues.

Amazon sure has been in the publishing news a lot lately.

Some of the news is just creepy.  Apparently users of the Amazon “Price Check” app are being offered an incentive.  If they go into a local brick and mortar store and scan an item and then buy the same item from Amazon, they will get up to $5.00 off their order.

Please, please do not do this.  In fact, I’d encourage you to do what many of my fellow writers do.  Go online and search for titles on Amazon.  Get the author and publisher.  Pull the ISBN number.  And then order it from your local brick and mortar store.

Yeah, it may be childish, but somehow I’m entirely comfortable with that in this situation.  Entirely.

The other bit that has Amazon in the news is their purchase of Marshall Cavendish Children’s Books.  They didn’t buy Marshall Cavendish in its entirety, just the Children’s Books division.  You can read more on that sale here.

Not surprisingly, given the above business practices by Amazon, there has been a lot of panic.   Is there cause?  Maybe.  But we won’t know for a while.  It worked out when Barnes and Noble purchased Sterling, so maybe (fingers crossed) this will turn out as well.

If nothing else, Amazon sure is giving us a lot to talk about.