Interview with Kelly Milner Halls

I love reading about how other authors research their projects and even how they transition from one type of writing to another, such as making the leap from children’s nonfiction magazine articles to books.  If you want to learn from one of the best, check out this interview with author Kelly Milner Halls.

I originally met Kelly at the SCBWI LA conference about 9 years ago and my son and I have been reading her books ever since.  His favorite?  Tales of the Cryptids.    Mine?  It used to be Mysteries of the Mummy Kids.  I love the respectful way  that she deals with such a potentially touchy subject.  Kids reading about mummies of children.  But now, my favorite may have changed.

If you haven’t already read her book, In Search of Sasquatch, you need to check it out.  Believer or not, it is a top notch piece of nonfiction, and, if you read this, you’ll learn a lot about how to handle controversial material.