Goals This First Full Week of December

Last week I pulled down 6341 words, just over my goal of 6000 words in one week.  Hurray!

Let’s hope I manage it again this week because, in spite of a mammogram and an orthodontist appointment this is my last full work week for the year.   I guess I better get writing especially since I got two new jobs (yay, me!).

Weekly Goals:

  • 5 posts for One Writer’s Journey.  Done!
  • 1 review on the Bookshelf.  Done!
  • 1 post for PrayPower.  Done!
  • Write my posts for the Church blog.  Done!

Goals with Deadlines:

  • Blog post for new gig (I’m announcing it next week): Deadline: 12/26.  In progress.
  • Article for Writer’s Market. Deadline:  1/15.  In progress.
  • Article for WOW! Women on Writing.  Deadline: 1/16.  In progress.

Non-Deadline Goals:

  • Rewrite the picture book I had critiqued.  In progress.
  • Start writing up my first PiBoIdMo idea.
  • Work on my agent research.
  • Rough submissions for Blue Mountain cards.
  • Keep working on my web site.
  • Read 50 picture books.   Done with a few extra to spare!
  • Work up some ideas for leveled readers.
  • Read 50 leveled readers.
  • Work on the middle grade. Go over the Plot Whisperer notes that I originally made.
  • Pull out the YA that I’m going to workshop at a retreat this spring.