New Things in My Writing World

Truly, I wish my writing world was this easy to manage!

Last week, I finally got going on a long planned site redesign.  First and foremost, things needed to be updated.  Second, in rearranging my office this summer, I discovered that my web software had disappeared.  Poof.  Into the bozone.  No disk to be found.

This, of course, posed a serious problem.  You can’t update the site if you can’t find the software.  So, in addition,  to updating the info, I had to learn a new program.  While I was at it, I decided to go ahead and make some other changes to the site.

Here is what I’ve pulled together so far.  I’ll be making some more changes as I figure things out.  Like how to get my pages in the order I want.  Ahem.

Be sure to check out the page for my new critique service.  Any time that I critique manuscripts at a conference, people want to know what I’d charge for “non-conference” critiques.  Now they know!

Let me know if your browser has problems with the new site layout or if you have other suggestions for additional changes.  This is something I’ll be playing with for some time to come!