10 Horse Art Space

One of the most difficult things about being creative is finding the time and space to work.  Writers have it a bit easier than illustrators, sculptors and other visual artists.  Give us a pad of paper or a lap top and we’re good to go.  Visual artists, on the other hand, have a lot more stuff and need space to work with it.

Enter Robert Sabuda.  In addition to being one of my favorite pop-up artists, Sabuda is always doing something to make the world better.  This time around he is targeting artists, converting an old stable that he bought into an art studio.

And you can help.  He’s raising funds over at Kickstarter.  He needed at least $15,000 to get his project started although he hoped for more.  Check out that barn and you’ll see why.  It is going to take much more than $15,000 to keep out the weather, add the necessary electricity and plumbing and create the studios and gallery space.

Why not pop on over (click here) and check out his video?  Pledges of $10 or more bring a variety of bonus items.  Give in the name of the artist you love for a one of a kind Christmas gift.