One of These Might Motivate You to Write

Most often, my motivation comes from deadlines.

But sometimes I need someone to challenge me — like Stephanie did when she challenged me to finish a draft of my middle grade novel by November.

Do you do best when you have external goals?  Then take a look at these three community writing projects*:

NaNoWriMo.  Of course, you’ve heard of this one.  The challenge is to draft a novel in one month.  I tried it a few years ago.  All I can say is “Not for me.”  For whatever reason, I ended up more irritated than productive.  That said, I often march to the beat of a different drummer.  Scads of people swear by this.

PiBoIdMo.   I already blogged about Picture Book Idea Month.  The goal is to come up with 30 sound picture book ideas throughout the month of November and then to work on writing as many of them as possible within the coming year. This is the one I’m committing to this year.

November Poem a Day ChapBook Challenge.  This one is sponsored by Writer’s Digests Robert Lee Brewer.  Unlike April’s challenge, which is simply to write a poem a day (simply.  right!), the goal is to write a poem a day around a common theme so that you finish up with a potentially marketable collection.

Any of these enough to get you writing?


*Community writing projects is my term.  I have no clue what else to call it when a mess of writers all work towards the same goal at the same time.

2 thoughts on “One of These Might Motivate You to Write

    1. Thank you! I may have to wait until after Saturday’s conference to start, but I am really looking forward to this! I’ve got several starter ideas but haven’t had the time today to flesh one out.

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