Goals as We Slide into November

Last week, I managed to lay down some serious words — 7423 in all.  Whew.

But this is going to be another big week.  I need to get everything done for the conference (which is Saturday) and I want to finish this draft of my middle grade.  Stephanie and I challenged each other to have a draft done by November.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to get it done by November 1st, but I want it done by some time next week.  Not that this is a good draft.  If is very much a first draft — the rewrite is very different from the original.  So there is lots of work to be done no matter when I “finish” this draft.

Here are my goals for the week:

Weekly Goals:

  • 5 posts for One Writer’s Journey.  In progress.
  • Post a review on the Bookshelf.
  • 1 post for PrayPower.  In progress.
  • Write my posts for the Church blog.  Done!
  • Brainstorm some new writing ideas.
  • Wrap up the draft of my middle grade.  In progress.

Goals with Deadlines:

  • Finalize  brochure for a new business endeavor (more info later).  Deadline:  11/5.
  • Finish my conference talk.  Written.  Just need to run through it once.  Deadline:  11/5.
  • Critique mss for conference critiques.  Deadline:  11/5.  Done!
  • Redo web site.  Deadline:  11/5.

Non-Deadline Goals:

  • Finish the synopsis for a project.
  • Get the project (a young middle grade) out.
  • Work on my agent research.
  • Finish and submit my piece for the Muffin.
  • Rough submissions for Blue Mountain cards.


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