Making Sure Your Research is Up-to-Date

3-D neutron image of a lamp.  Image from Tennessee's Oak Ridge National Laboratory.Why is it important to make sure that you are using recent source material if your topic is historic or even prehistoric?  Because you never know what new techniques have been developed and what researchers may have found.

This lesson was really brought home for me last week when I read about new neutron imaging technology.  Bible History Daily had a single paragraph article on how researches can now obtain 3-D scans of ancient artifacts (see full article at Oak Ridge National Laboratory).  This will lead to new knowledge about how these things were made, related technologies and materials and quite possibly the trade necessary for the spread of all of the above.


But if you were doing an article on Petra and contented yourself with research that was only 2 or 3 years old, you wouldn’t include this information.  Your article would be dated even before you submitted it.

Why not go through the effort of finding the most recent material?  Your competitor may be doing just that.


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