Writer’s Block

To begin again or not to begin again?

After launching into the rewrite of my middle grade novel, I managed to log about twenty pages before I came to a screaming halt.  I realized that not only was I not working on it, I was actually cleaning house to avoid working on it.

For me, that’s a bad, bad sign.

Maybe I needed a better handle on the story.  I went back to the notes that I took while watching the Plot Whisperer videos.  I used these notes to make something vaguely resembling an outline.

Yes, vaguely.  But that part doesn’t bother me.

Next, I opened up the outline I had created before watching Plot Whisperer.   I simply had  to work this into my current outline as well.

This might not be avoidance-by-housework, but I dislike this kind of pre-writing almost as much as I dislike housework.  Clearly, I was still avoiding writing.


Unfortunately, I think that that problem may be that I don’t like my protagonist.  More accurately, I like my protagonist, but I don’t like the view of him that you get in my current first chapter.  He’s just too much of a victim.

I know, I could just keep writing.  And maybe that’s what I should do.

But I just don’t like this version of my character.  He isn’t the happy go-lucky goof that I know readers will love as much as I do.  I feel like I need to refind the kid that I adore so that I can tell his story in a way that will pull readers in.

Tomorrow I’m back to the beginning for a new chapter 1 — I have some really good ideas — and then we shall see what we shall see.


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