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July 12, 2011

Experts Make Your Writing Sings

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Not long ago, I was working on a picture book set in a circus.  My character attempted the trapeze — swinging back and forth and then tumbling into the net.  When I took the book to critique group, I danced a happy dance when I saw that one particular member was there.   He’s a member of the Circus Flora.  Hurrah!

He praised my story to the heavens and then . . . paused.  With a certain amount of effort on my part, he finally revealed that I had combined the two types of trapeze.  I could do flying trapeze or I could have a net.  Not both.  He worried that he was being overly picky.  But who else would have been able to tell me this?  When I submitted the story to an agent, I was able to tell her that it has been vetted by a real live circus performer.

I’ve sought out horse experts, geologists and Sunday I touched base with a friend who was a competitive swimmer.  These people and more make sure that I’m on the right track before an editor even sees my work.

Do you ever ask an expert to review your story before you submit it?  Give the matter some serious thought the next time you are dealing with something outside your area of expertise.  At best, you’ll find out you got the facts right.  At worst, mistakes will be brought to your attention and you’ll have the chance to fix them before it goes to print.  What do you have to lose?


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