Educator’s Guides

Not your typical tree photo. How can you take your work beyond the every day?

We’ve all heard it before — giving your editor and your audience “something extra” means extra sales.

If your book has an educational tie in, these extras can come in the form of classroom materials or a teacher’s guide.  “Fantastic,” you think.  “But what goes into a teacher’s guide?”

To find out, take a look at this guide.  TREEmendous, was assembled and is distributed for free by the Missouri Botanical Garden to compliment their 2011 exhibit, also titled TREEmendous.   You’ll find information on tree houses (not what you think), a tree-related profession, leaves, what is a tree and more.  The Guide isn’t limited to worksheets either but also includes games.   How does this guide go beyond what you might expect?

Why not take a look and see if you don’t come away inspired to create an “extra” of your very own?


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