Cory Doctorow and Copyright

How do you feel about copyright?  If you’re a writer, you probably have a strong opinion.  You may even have had to go after a publisher who has printed your work without paying you. Or maybe you had to go after someone who posted your e-book for free.

Author Cory Doctorow’s take on the subject may surprise you.  For Doctorow, it doesn’t make sense that someone can loan a friend their hard copy of Little Brother but if they do the same thing with their e-book (short of handing over their reader) they are violating the law.

Doctorow’s opinion?  Make your e-books available for free.  Let people copy them.  Let them help you find new fans.  That, after all, is the best way to make sales.

And, in this spirit, he has given Write4Kids permission to compile several of his essays on the topic into an ebook that they have made available, for free naturally, to the public.  You can find it here on their web site.

Give it a read and see how much sense Doctorow makes.


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