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May 5, 2011

Abandon by Meg Cabot

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For about a year now, I’ve been noodling over an idea for a young adult novel.  I just happen to love the myth of Persephone.  I have no clue why, because Persephone in the myth is a bit . . . my grandmother would have called her a milk toast.  Interpret that as you will.

So what’s the problem?  One day last week, I was piddling around, having a head cold, reading blogs instead of writing.  In my piddling, I came across this video.

What happens when you have an idea for a book and then discover that someone has already written it?  Normally, my advice would be, go ahead and write your book.  But what if the author you’re up against is Meg Cabot?

In Meg’s defense, I haven’t read the book yet and don’t know the finer points of the plot.  Maybe her Persephone and Hades are in many ways very unlike my Persephone and Hades.  I do, after all, have some pretty firm ideas concerning these two characters, where the myth went wrong and why it went wrong.  But Meg Cabot?  Really? Was this completely and entirely necessary?

I’m still noodling my story over but am definitely going to have to read Abandon to see if it too closely parallels my own idea.  Then I’ll decide what to do.


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