Plotting Your story

A week or so ago, Ann Finkelstein, recommended Martha Alderson’s videos on Youtube.  I didn’t have time to watch them when she gave me the info, but then Jill Corcoran blogged about them.

Obviously, it was time to check these videos out.  Alderson’s nickname is “The Plot Whisperer,” and her 27 videos focus on how to construct your plot.  I’ve always felt like my plots were pretty solid.  Maybe not perfect, but definitely not my weak spot.  (Beginnings, anyone?)

But Ann had commented on how much she has learned about plot from the videos.  When a top notch writer recommends something like this, I tend to listen.

So far I’ve only watched the first video which is on pre-plotting, specifically thinking about who your character is and their goal.  Did I learn anything?  Let’s just say that Alderson has broadened my thinking about character goals and how they work.

I’ve embedded the first video below.  That said, it only seems to be appearing inconsistently so I’ll link to it here.   Now I’m off to watch #2.

Happy Learning!


2 thoughts on “Plotting Your story

    1. Do! I’m just glad that Ann had already said something to me about it. That’s what made the other reference really stand out. So much to learn!

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