Another Book Challenge

In early March, I blogged about a challenge to Dori Butler’s book, My Mom’s Having a Baby. Given that the book gives an accurate depiction of pregnancy, it isn’t 100% surprising that it gets challenged.  People get the heebie-jeebies about exposing children to nudity or accurate information about pregnancy.  (Aside: Why they don’t get similar heebie-jeebies about violence will always remain a mystery to me.)

Anyway, Dori’s book was challenged again, this time in Hillsborough County Florida.  After reviewing the book, the library decided to keep it on the shelves and in the juvenile area.  In explanation Manager of Materials and Circulation Marcee Challencer said that the book is more open then similar books on the topic.  “The openness has its place in the library collection and provides options for parents who are comfortable with it.”

Hurray!   They also noted that even if there are additional complaints, because the acquisition has been reviewed, it will not be reviewed again for three years.

If you want to read the story or watch the video, you can check it out here.

Thank you to all librarians who work to keep information accessible to young readers and their parents!

Thank you to Diane Mayr who brought this story to my attention.