Plotting with Jennifer Mattson

Do not make your reader peek through a misleading beginning to view the story beyond. (Photo by SueBE, 4/4/2011)

Just to prove that I’m not the only one blogging on Jennifer Mattson’s great retreat sessions here in Missouri, check out this blog post by Kristin Nitz.

Another book that Jennifer recommended is From Where You Dream by Robert Olen Butler.  Olen, not Owen although the latter is what I wrote down in my notes.  Sigh.

Jennifer also had a lot to say about where you start your story and how that reflects on the plot and later content.  I’d love to say that was a session but mostly we were talking about the beginning of my novel and what my beginning applied about the later story vs what was actually true of the story.  Obviously, I will be reworking the beginning in a very big way.

Now off to get a bit more done so that I can actually start my rewrite!


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