Loving What You Write

Last week, I blogged about Sara’s Zarr’s presentation at the SCBWI winter conference.  She spoke about living a sustainable creative life.  Part of this is loving the writing process.  Understandably, a big part of loving the writing process comes in writing things you love.

Another vital part, and one that I should have noodled over a little harder, is writing for publishers and publications you love.

As is so often the case, I’ve been trying to break into new markets.  I came across a recent call for manuscripts and read the sample.  “I can do this,” I thought.  “And I can do it even better.”


If you read a magazine or a series of books from a publisher and think, “I can do exactly what you want and I can do it so much better,” than this is not the market for you.

I repeat:








Move on.  Why?  Because you aren’t in love with what this publisher does, obviously, or you wouldn’t be so certain that you could do a better job.

Instead of drafting a manuscript for this market, go in search of another that makes you think “I’d love to publish here.”  That’s the market you need to try . . .

. . . unless you have a hole in the wall that you want to cover with a rejection letter.


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