Try, Try, Try Again

One day last week a drip, drip, dripping distracted me from my rewrite.  I pulled open the curtain and watched the melt dripping from the tip of a huge ice cycle outside my office window.  Ever since I interviewed Jose Villa for an article designed to help writers take their own photos, I’ve been trying to take my own awesome shots.  I’ll never hold a candle to Jose’s beautiful work but I’m having a blast and learning a lot.

The top lesson?  You have to take lot’s and lot’s of photos to get the one you want.  Especially when you are trying to get a water drop.  I took 13 shots to get the ones you see here.

What does this have to do with writing?  Things don’t always come together on the first try.  Or the second try.  Or the ninth try.

That may mean writing your ending 15 times or tossing out six different first chapter before you come up with one that works.

Some days it means having to tell the kids that NOW is your writing time and that they will give it to you.  Seriously.  You may have to tell them 10 times every day for two weeks straight but they will get the picture.

Whatever writing problem you are trying to work through, it probably won’t be solved in the first attempt.  Writing is hard work but it is well worth the effort when your words come together to paint the perfect picture.  That said, you may have to try at least one more time to get it to work.