Goals for the Last Week of January

9 inches with five more hours of snow yet to fall. 1/20/2011

Hmm.  I just did the math.  I thought I was going to have to fess up to not meeting my word count goals but I managed to pull 6020 words with a goal of 6000.  Surprising?  Only if you realize that Monday was a holiday (no school) and Thursday and Friday were snow days.  I did get to everything on my list but I did get a lot done considering.

So here is a vaguely similar list of goals for this week

  • 5 posts for One Writer’s Journey (done!).
  • 1 post/review for the Bookshelf (done!).
  • 1 post for a new blog tba later in the week (done!).
  • 1 blog post for Church.
  • Script rewrites if any are requested (Done!).
  • 3 new chapters for middle grade.
  • Smooth over problems in several chapters of middle grade.
  • Finish the how-to chapter (done!).
  • Dummy the picture book manuscript for rewriting (done!).
  • Get the picture book manuscript to the agent (done! Did you not hear me fussing and fidgeting as I attached the file?  Really, someone needs to just snatch my work from me and send it out. ).
  • Clean up a pile here in my office (done!).
  • Brainstorm some new ideas (done!).
  • Get some craft ideas started for a new market (in progress).

I really like to limit myself to two goals/day.  Some may not take long, but others take longer than a single day.  But this week I’ve got 13 in part because I have two I didn’t touch last week and I split one goal into two since it is really two different jobs.

So I guess I had better get to work!


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