Cruise your Library with Wowbrary

Just in case you don't have enough books.

I love my local library.  I love the stacks, the children’s section, the magazines, the teen section, the audiobooks and the movies.  I even adore the new books area.

The problem is that our library system has 20 branches.  I can browse new books at my library, seeing what is not yet checked out.  I can even see what is new throughout the system if I visit the web site but I have to check by category.

Fortunately, there is a new service that regularly sends out newsletters to let you know what is new in your particular library system. Wowbrary covers something like 4 library systems in my own area.  I signed up for just my own library but might sign up for the others as there is a lending program between the various systems.

Visit the site and enter your zipcode to see if your own system is included.

Special thanks to INK for bringing this service to my attention.